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NashvilleStandUp Podcast

NashvilleStandUp.com presents comedy podcasts from Nashville, Tennessee's stand-up comedy scene, clips from live shows, interviews, IRON COMIC comedy competitions, random bits of other stuff.

One of the very first comedy podcasts ever, many of the early episodes archived here originally aired live as “The NashvilleStandUp Radio Show” in 2005 and originated the now famous (and often imitated) Iron Comic comedy competition. NSUP's current radio show, "Nashville StandUp Sits Down" airs Sundays 6-7pm on WXNA 101.5 FM & can be found here, among other things.

Texas Toast and His Talking Dog Jesus

The Incredible Adventures of Texas Toast and His Talking Dog Jesus chronicles the incredible adventures of Texas Toast, a man who goes on incredible adventures with only a pocket knife and a talking dog to defend himself!?

Written by Sean Parrott. Performed by Chad Riden, Jesse Perry, Sean Parrott and Mark Anundson. All music and effects and fungineering by Mark Anundson.

The Mangy Dog Radio Hour Whoop-Dee-Doo

What's the podcast that's always funny? What's the podcast that's never runny? The Mangy Dog Radio Hour Whoop-Dee-Doo!

sketch comedy, stand-up, prank calls, wackiness and stuff from MangyDog.com - Jesse Perry, Mark Anundson, Sean Parrott. Plus Chad Riden, Ryan Williams, Damian Anaya and Brad Edwards.

Happy Birthday Gary

Happy Birthday Gary!
Mark Anundson, Brad Edwards & Sean Parrott make white noise
Three comedians talking about whatever, then they play "Which Is Better?" and hilariously compare and contrast two things. That sounds stupid, but it's really funny. OK, wait.. which is worse? This description or the Happy Birthday Gary logo thing?
Jesse Is Terrific!

The only comedy podcast that doesn't go on too long! Featuring sketches, songs and other weird comedy stuff from Nashville-based goober Jesse Perry. Download and make a new friend today!

The Last Resort with Jesse Case

The Last Resort with Jesse Case?

Comedian Jesse Case and his robot sidekick Walter interview friends and special guests.

THE COMMUTE! with Paul Strickland

Paul Strickland drives 40,000+ miles a year telling jokes to people in towns, big and small, all over the country. THE COMMUTE!! is your chance to join Paul once a week for his hilarious in-traffic-rants, goofy interviews and the interesting facts he collects along the way.